What We Do

Our Services

Architectural Design

We design buildings, tailor made to your specific needs. We take the time and effort to involve our clients in the design process through presentations ensuring they have a feel of every step of the cycle.

Interior Design

At Dream Architects, we create within a building spaces that enhance the culture, routine and general mood of our clients.

Project Supervision

The implementation of a project design can be a very tasking undertaking even for the most experienced contractors. At Dream Architects, we help our clients ensure that their projects are built as they had envisioned them by assisting contractors to overcome the unique technical challenges presented by each project.

Project Management

Managing the various aspects of a project can be a nightmare that requires clients, consultants, suppliers, contractors and other tradesmen to work together like parts of a complex machine. At Dream Architects, we help our clients to ensure the smooth running of a project regarding cost control, timely project delivery, effective conflict resolution and risk management on our various projects.

Landscape Design

No project is complete without it's landscape. Aside from that, a properly designed landscape helps to reduce heat islands and direct sunlight to the building, create cool therapeutic outdoor spaces and curb erosion. At Dream Architects, we help our clients create suitable landscaped for their projects.


At Dream Architects we offer consultancy services for project contractor procurement because we know that the type of contractor on a building project determines to a large extent the success of the project in the aspects of quality and timely delivery, capacity and general competence to undertake the specific type of work.